Preparing For Your Tattoo Session


Leading Up To Your Session

  1. GET HYDRATED Moisturize once/twice a day for 1-2 weeks leading up to your tattoo session.
  2. DO NOT apply lotion or any skin products on the day of your tattoo session.
  3. SHAVE 1-2 times during the week leading up to the tattoo appointment especially if you have lots of body hair, this can assist in allowing the moisturising lotion to get into your skin more effectively. If you're not used to shaving or have to shave a hard to reach area ask someone for assistance, any cut or abrasion may cause the need to reschedule your session until you are healed. If you experience razor burn stop shaving and allow time to heal before your session. Avoid alcohol based aftershave, It can dry your skin out being counter productive to our goal of keeping your skin hydrated. If you prefer waxing make sure you have it done well in advance before your session but not so far ahead that your hair begins to grow back too early.
  4. GET RESTED go to bed early, don’t drink alcohol or partake in drugs the night before your session
  5. EAT a healthy  balanced meal before your session. A significant amount of energy is spent while getting tattooed and when you are hungry pain management can become difficult.
  6. SNACK bring snacks that aren't messy to eat and can be eaten with one hand. Typically any breaks being taken during a session aren't long enough to go for much.

Things To Avoid Before Your Tattoo Session

  1. Avoid anything that can damage the skin. We cannot tattoo over tans, fake tans, sunburns, scrapes, burns, cuts etc.
  2. Avoid strenuous exercise and weight lifting 1-2 days before your session, sore, strained muscles can make getting a tattoo worse, and difficult to move and bend into certain positions the artist may need you to sit in during your session.
  3. Don't show up hungover. Don’t drink alcohol or partake in drugs the night before your session.

Day of Your Tattoo Session

  1. Come alone or if you must, with one friend/family member. While we welcome everyone to come and visit our shop, during the actual tattoo procedure we prefer you sit alone but if you must bring someone to share this moment with you we ask that a maximum of one person sit with you. Too many onlookers can get in the way of the artist and become a danger to neighboring artists and clients. Infants and children are welcome but are asked to be kept in the designating waiting room, for the same reasons.
  2. Dress comfortably, and don't wear your favorite clothes. While we do our best to avoid getting ink on your clothing, accidents can happen, also keep in mind the location on your body your tattoo will be and be sure to wear something that will give the artist easy access to the location on your body. Avoid tight and constricting clothing.
  3. Have nowhere to be. Dont schedule commitments immediately after your tattoo session. This can cause a feeling of urgency for your artist causing unnecessary stress on your artist. Our priority is quality, and will not sacrifice that to make sure you get to where you need to be.
  4. Show up sober. Don't attempt to use alcohol or drugs to numb the pain the day of your appointment.